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Ayam Cemani chickens are a very rare and sought after breed in the UK. They originate from Indonesia and have the appearance of jungle birds. Every bit of this chicken is black apart from its blood. Ayam Cemani chickens are medium sized birds and have a flighty temperament. Lots of Ayam Cemani birds are in fact hybrids, with chestnut feathering in them. These hybrid Ayam Cemani chickens are about 70% Ayam Cemani. All birds carry recessive genes (those which we cannot see) and often come out in breeding. We sell both pure breed and hybrid Ayam Cemani chickens.

Ayam cemani chickens lay about 50-60 medium size white eggs a year. These chickens are poor sitters therefore the only way to hatch eggs is to incubate. Ayam cemani chickens are adept at foraging and roost as high as they can. The bird has drawn considerable interest amongst poultry enthusiasts due to its looks and genetic make up. Ayam cemani is one of the most expensive chickens in the world and as such is reflected in the high price of the eggs and chicks. Fertile Eggs and chicks available (to order)

The Ayam Cemani is a very rare, exotic breed of chicken that originated from Java in Indonesia. Ayam cemani chickens were introduced to Europe in 1998 by a Dutch breeder. The ayam cemani chickens has characteristic black feathers, black skin, black flesh, black internal organs, black plume, black beak, black meat, black nails, black bones, a black tongue and very dark red blood. Even bone marrow is black. The black flesh colouring is created by a complex chromosomal pattern rearrangement to create a fibromenanistic breed.

Ayam Cemani chickens are highly regarded in their country of origin, Indonesia. Their meat is thought to be higher in Iron, therefore beneficial to women before and after childbirth. Birds are sometimes sacrificed during childbirth believing fortune will come to the labouring mother. The chicken is also sacrificed on other special occasions, as it is though to bring luck. There are many legends surrounding the breed. Some Asian people believe that eating this chicken will ease their conscience. An ayam cemani cockerel is thought to bring prosperity if he crows and being black he is linked to evil spirits.