Chicken Hill, Kent

Welcome to Chicken Hill, a family farm house located in the Kent downs. We specialise in Pure breed ducks (Aylesbury, Miniature Silver Appleyard & Cayuga) and pure breed chickens (White Leghorn, Lavender Frizzle, Lavender Bantam Orpington and Ayam Cemani).

We sell fertile eggs and chicks for individual hobbyists like ourselves.

We are proud to sell the latest Eglu plastic coops and chicken fencing from Omlet. Some of our products are seasonal, however we hatch some breeds all year round. Our minimum quantity is two birds. We have a small flock of geese and sell these eggs and goslings in the Spring and early summer.

We love talking chickens and ducks and welcome ideas and suggestions. You can call us on 01223 635012. to pre book animals or eggs and we will put you on the waiting list.