Chicken Hill Kent sells pure Rare Breed Chickens, Chicks, Point of Lay Hybrid hens and Bantams. We stock Eglu coops & poultry supplies. Chicken holiday sitting also available. FREE UK DELIVERY. Call us TODAY on 07904 744 828 to reserve your chickens * 2 FREE HYBRID CHICKS WITH ANY EGLU ON COLLECTION*

Located between Ashford and Canterbury in Kent, we specialise in supplying pure breed chickens, point of lay hybrid chickens, bantams and chicks to small scale hobbyists.

Bluebell, Light Sussex, Leghorn, Speckeldy and Black Rock are just some of the Point of Lay Hybrid Hens we sell. Pekins, Sablepoot, d'uccle and silver laced wyandottes are some of the pure breed bantams we breed along with the large fowl Copper Maran, Barnevelder, Ixworth and Cream Crested Legbar. Prices for chicks start from £8 and prices for point of lay chickens begin at £16, depending on the chicken breed.

We stock everything you need for your chicken flock, award winning Omlet Eglu Coops, Omlet Fencing, feed, feeders, bedding, egg incubators, heat lamps and health products. We also offer a chicken boarding service. If you would like to find out more about our hybrid hens, bantams, chicks, pullets or point of lay chickens or Eglu coops please get in touch as we will be happy to help.

All our chickens are provided with excellent husbandry. All our hybrid hens are fully vaccinated. If you are new to chicken keeping we are on hand to give you advice and support.

Chickens eating

Our Pure Breed chickens are carefully selected for their looks and presence. We are passionate about preserving British rare breed chickens. Our hybrids are chosen for their egg laying capabilities, with each hybrid able to lay nearly an egg a day in their first year. Chickens are easy to keep. They will reward you with amazing eggs and you will spend many pleasurable hours watching their individual quirky habits.